Feb. 12th, 2004

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Overheard at the local Starbucks:

"Oh Mom... nobody drinks coffee anymore!"
(to barista)"One grande americano, please."
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The New York Times had an interesting piece about how Comcast's Disney bid indicates that the balance of power in media has shifted again, and content is no longer king. Remember a few years ago when everything was content, content, content?
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I'm amused by the discovery that Trader Joe's managed to negotiate a deal with Ben and Jerry's. Must be that depressed demand for ice cream in the Northeast.

(It's cold out there, you know...)
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(That's probably going to be the title of my next short story collection. You read it here first.)

The other day I was at the Walnut Creek Starbucks and saw this boy who was maybe six or seven, his dad and some woman whom I assume was dad's girlfriend. She had just said something about not really believing in the observance of Valentine's Day because it's all just something that big corporations came up with to bolster sales of flowers, confectionery, paper products and reprocessed overpriced mineral deposits extracted from slave mines. Kid said something like, "but I like Valentine's Day." She replied with, "Just wait until you're expected to be the one who comes up with all that crap every year."

Kid sipped his caramel apple cider while processing this bit of information and then asked, "So why does Valentine's Day come after Friday the Thirteenth?"

It seemed like the kind of question I would have asked when I was his age. :-)

This year, no card. Just the best damn chocolate I can more-or-less afford.

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