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It's interesting how certain scents bring back very strong memories. The smell of oranges, for example, always reminds me of the condo unit in Emeryville. The smell of coconuts brings back memories of beach trips from my childhood. Gruyere cheese reminds me of a summer's day in the Swiss Alps. And then there's chocolate.

This afternoon while I was waiting for [ profile] sweet_pickles to finish getting her hair cut at the Aveda Institute here in town, I was taking in all the smells of the classroom/salon (all the natural oils and spice extracts) when I accidentally stepped on my book bag. I crushed one of the roasted cocoa beans that I had taken home with me from the chocolate factory tour we took with [ profile] carrieb and [ profile] big_bubba. It just smelled divine, mixed in with all the hints of spice in the air. It brought me back to Berkeley, if only for a few minutes.

And I have 3 Gmail invites to give out, in case anyone's interested.

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